Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Conference 2015

Merry Christmas to each one of you! <3

This Christmas Season I hope you enjoy every merry minute of good tidings of great joy! May we all remember our Savior Jesus Christ (Luke 2: 9-11). Because he is the light, the life and the hope of the world. He wrought the great atoning sacrifice and then was resurrected, that we might have happiness in this life and in the world to come. #ASaviorIsBorn #Sharethegift

Missionaries in a bow tie with our Mission President and his Wife.

Ozamiz Zone Missionaries with Couple Missionaries, our Mission President and his Wife.

My batch mates!
(Elder Victoriano, Elder Miguel, Elder Maglaque, Me and Elder Polido)

#Groupieeeee with Elder Polido, Elder Galang, Elder Ofiaza and Elder Callanta.

Our Lineage on Mission!

from right to left
(Elder Belen, Me, Elder Aliangan and Elder Calixto)

My son and grandson in the mission field.

Mga gwapo sa PCDOM! Batch 597.

Malipayong Pasko sa inyoang tanan!
at the lobby of MU Manor Hotel.

 In the Christmas Tree with my home bound companion Elder Ofiaza.

<3 Elder Origenes
  Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Monday, October 19, 2015

District Gathering in the Two Trees!

It was a great day! We had our activity with Malaybalay District Missionaries last September 21, 2015. Two Trees because in the tip of the mountain there's a big Two Trees. Ang cool ng district gathering namin bay! You will see the nature of the creation of God even it was hard to hike but worth it.

Well anyways, Our work was good because we felt that the lord really helps us to prune his vineyard. I would like to share our experience with my companion last week we are happy because we found new investigators that are receptive and willing to learn about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ we know that these souls is precious to Him. We are to do the best for inviting them to come unto Him and help them know the truth of the message by the power of the Holy Ghost about the great plan of our Father in Heaven for all of his children here in mortality.

9 months in the mission field! Malapit na matapos ang cycle na ito parang ma-transfer na siguro ako haha pero dapat hindi pa dahil sobrang love ko itong 2nd area ko. This week we will have our Zone Training Meeting and Zone Interview with our Mission President so before that I should evaluate myself what are the things have I done to fulfill my purpose as a missionary.

I am grateful for the General Conference last October 2015. I remember one of the speaker Elder Dale G. Renlund a newly called Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ address about our Calling he said that ''You need to know that the Lord hasn't called you because of anything you have done. In your case it is probably in spite of what you have done. The Lord has called you for what He needs to do through you and that will happen only if you do His way.'' It's about the Lord, His work and Heavenly Father's children.

<3 Elder Origenes
  Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Second Area at Malaybalay, Bukidnon

Coolest Zone Ever!

Pinaka super lamig na zone sa buong PCDOM the Malaybalay Zone! It's been a months that past when I was able to email you but I am grateful to share my experiences again. :) Three Cycles I've been here in my 2nd area I was assign at the Branch 3. The members are so kind they always invite missionaries for eating appointments that we may have energy to work hard ''daw'' haha. Our area is really challenging because of the busyness of the people but we are striving to find the elect souls and do invite them to come unto Christ.

I already had two companionship here in malaybalay first Elder Callanta from Pangasinan and present is Elder Catindig from laguna. They are both charitable and humble I admire their diligence to the the work of the Lord.

Ang daming masasarap at matatamis na prutas dito sa bukidnon, malaybalay. This month of October they are celebrating the Kaamulan Festival Maayad ha Pag Uma!

<- Baptism of Brother Jessu Gabonada, Gabriel Gabonada and Nancy Llacona last July 18, 2015.


<-Zone Gathering at Valencia Chapel

from upper left to right
(Elder Briones, Elder Sabado, Elder Virtucio, Sister Nonan, Sister Castillo, Sister Domingo, Sister Jimenez, Elder Callanta, Elder Dumrique and me).

from lower left to right
(Elder Lumbao, Elder Belen, Elder Calaunan, Elder Vera, Elder Peña, Elder Luna).

Elder Callanta is being transferred in another area so that this was the last time to take a click with the Branch Missionaries. (wacky mode)

Another shot!

Taking shot with our investigator Sister Rynchel Euldan and members.

<- Transfer day last August 25, 2015. Good bye Elder Callanta and Elder Dumrique!

Our Family Investigator ''Cabañelez Family'' ( Brother Dondon, Sister Joy and their kids.)

<- Family Home Evening 

 Clerigo Family is really awesome! We're just invited by the Branch 1 Missionaries to this great evening.

It's More Fun in Clerigo Family :)

Multi- District Meeting 

The Malaybalay District and Valencia District.

from upper left to right
(Me, Elder Dueñas, Sister Gonzaga, Elder Vera, Elder Robles, Elder Gustilo).

from lower left to right
(Elder Virtucio, Elder Tolentino, Sister Nonan, Sister Robete and Sister Castillo).

from upper left to right
(Me, Elder Catindig, Elder Hernandez, Elder Lumbao).

from lower left to right
(Elder Dueñas, Sister Robete, Sister Nonan and Elder Virtucio).

Monday, July 6, 2015

The greatest and most important duty (Week 24)

Here I Am! It was a great privilege to serve the lord and the people.

I am grateful for the past weeks I had learned here in the mission field because everyday is a learning opportunity. I feel the hastening of the work of salvation through Missionary Work. This is the time to press forward with more enthusiasm and frivolity in serving the lord to invite others to come unto him to help them receive his perfect plan for our happiness and everlasting peace in this life and the next life to come. I really love to share my testimony about our savior Jesus Christ and his love for us (John 14:6). I know that Heavenly Father love us so much (John 3:16). 

Past weeks (tag-ceb-eng)

Daghang nahitabo itong mga linggo na lumipas sobrang bilis ng time pero daghan na ang akong nakatun-an ug na-experience dire. I am still here in my first area in Carmen Ward, CDO Central Zone di na ako mabaligya kay tungod kabalo na ko mag bisaya haha bisan naa pa pud mga lalum na lisod isabton pero paningkamutan gyud para kasabot og maayo hehehe. Gusto ko din i-share noong time na nag Community Service Project kami sa backyard ni Tatay Herbacio sobrang saya magbunot ng mga ligaw na damo at ibato ang mga bato haha! di ko talaga makakalimutan yung mga tao na napapasaya namin tungod inaning service kauban ang tibuok na Carmen District Missionaries at mga members sa ward gihapon. Nakakatuwa talagang isipin at ibalik yung mga memories ng mga last cycles with other missionaries every transfer day may umaalis at may papalit. Ngayon 4th Cycle ko dito sa mission field with my new companion a New Missionary. I am grateful to the opportunity to be a trainer of Elder Aliangan from Zamboanga City the time flies so fast! I remember the time when my 12 weeks training in the field was started but now I am a trainer it is really challenging. I know that my responsibility to train a new missionary is a sacred trust from the lord. Sobrang bilis ng cycle na to malapit na ang transfer day this 15th of July. Ang dami ko pang gusto i-share pero di ko na masabi lahat basta isa lang ang masasabi ko: ''I really enjoying to serve the lord and preach his gospel to all people.''


Carmen District Missionaries

Baptism of Sister Antig