Monday, May 16, 2016

Moroni 7: 33

The District Conference was held last March 27, 2016 in the Ozamiz Philippines District. I am so happy to heard those messages from a wonderful speakers. I was motivated to obey the laws and ordinances that Heavenly Father gives to us for our Exaltation. I firmly believe that the blessing will follow if we our faithful unto Him.

These last March and April there are so many good things happens on my mission such as the baptism comes and many precious souls that we've met with my companion (Elder Peralta). Last March 19, my companion and I were baptized two souls :) One of them is Sister Angelita Diaz a part-member investigator, her family was a member of our church since 2011. I remember when I was new in my third area Tubod Capital we had several visits her with my homebound companion Elder Ofiaza and we always teach her to resolve the concern she has and she is hard to commit with a baptismal date since before because there are many sets of missionaries already visited her but still hards to commit. But last March 5, 2016 we taught her The Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the lesson 3 together with the branch missionaries, we extend again the invitation to be baptize at that time and because we ask inspired questions, we listen, we discern what keeping her not to be baptize. I am so happy that time because we break the big iceberg in her concern and she commits to be baptize with a date until the the day comes. I know that the lord has a perfect timing for everything if we will submit ourselves to his will we will be amazed in His wonderful plans. Now, Diaz Family is preparing to go to the temple to be sealed through eternity. I will strive to be there for them in the most awaiting moment in the house of the Lord.

<3 Elder Origenes
  Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Lanao is on fire – Tubod memories.

I will surely miss my third area Tubod Capital Branch under Ozamiz District! Well, It will not be forgotten because I already treasured memories with my stuffs.

Usa ka nindot nga pamati sa tanan na dili gyud makalimtam :) Di ko na ma-ishare sayo sa sobrang dami non basta isa lang ang importante nag eenjoy talaga ako dito sa mission.

I stayed in Tubod, Lanao Del Norte for almost 7 months kaya nakakamiss talaga lalo na yung mga members ang hirap iwanan yung area mo na napamahal ka na. Pero ganun talaga ang buhay missionary ehh hindi pwedeng mag stay forever sa iisang area kasi uuwi din ako sa amin haha. Anyways, may chance pa naman makabalik dito. I really learned a lot during my days in Tubod especially from the leaders and members out there even though some of the members are weak in their testimonies but I've seen how they love our savior Jesus Christ because they are striving to enlighten their lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I really love them! I wish I could return back here.

  The Fishermen

Big J Grill House

We had our dinner last December(?) at the cowboy style grill house with Elder Ofiaza, Elder Ventulero and Elder Polido.

#Awezamiz! @The Brewbrothers

#Wear your shirts to be awesome! with Elder Jinno and Elder Tagpuno at Andrew's Pizza, Brew bros.

In Kapatagan Valley, Cathedral Falls


Titans of the valley!
Elder Peralta and I.

The four titans of the valley!

*Elder Barbon
*Elder Origenes
*Elder Polido
*Elder Peralta

Family Home Evenings

<3 Elder Origenes
  Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission

Monday, May 9, 2016

Come unto Christ!

Third Area- Tubod Capital Branch

I was assigned here since November 2015.  At first, I feel that it is hard to adjust in this area because of the ambiance of this place but now I realize that this area is wonderful! I learned about LEADERSHIP because this area helps me to fulfill my calling as a district leader to help the missionaries under my district to fulfill their purpose as an army of the lord to battle in his vineyard. The lead-senior companion when I was arrived here is Elder Ofiaza he is from Bicol Region, he finished his mission honorably last December 2015. My second companion is Elder Peralta from Zambales City. 

The lord is really building his kingdom!

We will succeed in this marvelous work if we will serve him with all our heart, mind, might and strength. I firmly believe that real blessings await us even eternal life if we will submit ourselves to his will.


Tubod Capital District Missionaries

<3 Elder Origenes
  Philippines Cagayan De Oro Mission