Monday, August 22, 2016

Mission Leadership Council

I had my first Mission Leadership Council of our mission last June 8, 2016. I was really grateful for the many things that I have learned from the mission leaders of PCDOM. That was also the last counsels for the mission of President and Sister Bulseco because their three year mission was about ended. The memories with them will not ever fade away because of  what we've learned for the past years and they mean a lot to us. I am happy for the privilege that I entrusted as a Zone Leader. I really love this mission. :)


The Armies of the Lord.
(from left to right)
Elder Mejia, Elder Tolentino, Elder Belen, Elder Faustino and Me.

Taking snappy!
(from upper left to right)
Elder Badua, Elder Escalona, Elder Fernando, Elder Aballe, Elder Tacuban and Elder Magno.
(from lower left to right)
Sister Venzuela, Sister Gielo, Sister Belleza, Me, Elder Ong, Elder Espinili and Elder Faustino.

(from upper left to right)
Sister Legaspi, Elder Busania, Elder Belen, Elder Badua, Elder Escalona, Elder Faustino, Elder Espinili, Elder Gustilo and Elder Manzon.

(from lower left to right)
Elder Aballe, Elder Fernando, Elder Moncada, Me, Sister Prandas and Elder Tacuban.


with Elder Ong and Elder Aballe.